Healthy Living

Transformation is possible!

There is a better way to prevent, treat and reverse chronic disease. The answer is lifestyle and healthy living.

The six domains of Lifestyle Medicine include:

Eat Smarter – Whole, plant-based foods are rich in fiber and nutrients. So eat more vegetables, fruit, beans and lentils, whole grains, nuts and seeds— and little to no animal products or highly processed foods (e.g., the packaged snacks and sugary drinks many employers provide “at
no cost” to workers).

Move More – Whether it’s a vigorous workout before or after work, a brisk mid-day walk, or some weekend gardening, daily physical activity has been shown to be more effective than medication in the treatment of heart disease and other diseases—with very few negative side effects.

Sleep More Soundly – Insomnia and poor-quality sleep weaken the immune system, lessen willpower, dilute focus, and depress performance. Addressing stress and the dietary and environmental causes of poor sleep— and identifying coping behaviors—will make nights more restful and days more productive.

Manage Stress Better – Life’s pressures can cause anxiety, depression, obesity, immune dysfunction, and more. At work, that list includes loss of focus, corner cutting, and diminished creativity. Helping employees recognize negative responses to stress and identify healthy ways to cope improves well-being. Minimizing stressors at work—e.g., by using email blackout windows—
does the same.

Cultivate Relationships – Studies show a direct tie between social isolation and poor health. More and stronger interpersonal connections—at work, at home, in the community—bolster emotional and physical welfare for all concerned.

Avoid Risky Substances – This is a textbook example of addition by subtraction. Stopping smoking and minimizing alcohol consumption significantly lowers the likelihood of developing heart disease and
many cancers.

For more information on any of these six domains check out their specific page.