Manage Stress Better

Stress is the mental and physical response and adaptation by our bodies to  real or perceived change and challenges. Stressors are any real or perceived physical, social, or psychological events or stimuli that cause our bodies to react to stress. How we think about and react to stress makes a difference in how it impacts our health! While medicine can help manage stress,, there are many things you can do to help manage stress better!

Effects of Stress

· Can increase cortisol levels in the bloodstream which can drive us to food and overeating, leading to weight gain

· Can lead to thinning hair and baldness

· Can negatively impact heart rate and blood pressure and can increase risk fo heart attack and stroke

· Can lead to mental disorders, especially depression and anxiety

· Can negatively affect cellular immune response

Stress Management Tips

· Connect with others

· Try different healthy ways to relax or engage in self-care

· Keep a gratitude journal

· Take time for fun, creative activities or hobbies

· Make time to laugh

· Avoid caffeine and alcohol

· Try deep breathing techniques

· Get a massage


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