Sleep More Soundly

Sleep is crucial for maintaining good health! Getting enough sleep is important for physical and mental restoration, conservation of body energy, immune system health, and mental health. Memories are consolidated and learning is synthesized during sleep. It also helps you maintain a healthy metabolism and serves a role in hunger regulation. Sleep deprivation can have various negative effects such as sluggishness, low attention span, depressed mood, decreased sociability, insulin resistance, and decreased caloric burn throughout the day.

Common Sleep Disrupters:

· Caffeine and alcohol use

· Blue light from phone/computer/TV screens

· Stress, anxiety, and/or worry

· Lack of daytime sunlight exposure

· Medications and medical conditions

· Too much food or drink close to sleep time

Tips for Better Sleep!

* Establish a regular sleep schedule, meaning the same sleep and wake times

* Limit electronic use before bedtime

* Minimize/eliminate bedroom noise and lights-

* Increase daytime exposure to sunlight

* Move at least every hour during the day

* Limit alcohol and caffeine, especially in the evening


· American Sleep Association—sleepassociation.org

· Sleepeducation.org

· Apps—Headspace