Avoid Risky Substances

The over-consumption of alcohol increases the risk of many chronic diseases and even death. Tobacco use in the United States has led the death of nearly 500,000 Americans annually due to tobacco-related diseases. Limiting or avoiding toxic substances such as alcohol and tobacco can significantly improve your health and minimize the risk of preventable health complications.

Short Term Effects:

· Slowed reaction time

· Impaired judgement and decreased motor control

· Nausea, stomach irritation, and inflammation

· Broken capillaries

· Decreased pulse and respiratory state

Long Term Effects:

· Memory impairment

· Lowered disease resistance and immune system function

· Weakened heart muscle

· Elevated blood pressure

· Chronic inflammation of stomach and pancreas

· Increased risk of some cancers, such as liver, esophagus, stomach, and colon

Effective Treatment Models

· Counseling—individual, group, telephone, can be many quick visits or longer more intense visits

· Medications (anti-relapse)

· Counseling plus medication


National Quit Link—1-800-Quit-Now


Alcoholics Anonymous—www.aa.org

Secular Organization for Sobriety—www.sossobriety.org