Cultivate Relationships

Through maintaining healthy relationships with others, we fulfill needs for intimacy, social integration, nurturing, assistance, and acceptance. (People with positive, fulfilling relationships are statistically more likely to survive over time than people in poor relationships.) Health related measures such as blood pressure and heart rate can improve with positive social interactions, and helping others can improve mental health and increase happiness.

Tips to Strengthen Social Connections

· Take more care to connect with people you see a lot during the week

· Stay positive when connecting with others

· Share new experiences

· Make and spend time with others

· Be there for those who need you

· Be flexible, supportive, and excited about what others are doing in their lives

 Tips for Forming New Social Connections

· Volunteer

· Find local options to connect with others in the community through community resource centers

· Connect with others virtually through online or community groups with other people who share the same interests

· Joining a religious or spiritual group

· Take a course at your local library or community college

· Adopt a pet or help out at a local animal shelter to connect with other animal lovers

· Ask your employer for ways to increase social connections at work


· Meetup.com

· Purposebuiltfamilies.com